Always seeking to improve and develop professionally, John continues his personal and vocational study so as to continually offer more to his clients. Here, you can view some of John’s certificate and diploma achievements.

Tarot Diploma

Centre of Excellence

John mcvey tarot diploma certificate.


Centre of Excellence

A certificate for john mcvey's symbiology diploma.


Centre of Excellence

John mcvey numerology diploma certificate.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Centre of Excellence

Spiritual life coaching diploma certificate.


Centre of Excellence

John mcvey mindfulness diploma certificate.

Crystal Healing

Centre of Excellence

John mcvey crystal healing diploma certificate.

Intuitive & Tarot Sessions

“John is extremely kind and helpful person his card readings are very accurate and done in a very caring empathetic way. I highly recommend John!” – Derek

“Really detailed reading with lots of layers of information, and sent to me promptly. John has a thoughtful sensitive style that was very easy to listen to, and the messages and advice were spot on.” – Helen

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