A yellow road sign with the word change ahead.Every time you do something the same way you did it last time, it should be no surprise when you get the same results. Therefore, changing your behaviour is the only way you can change your life. But directly changing your behaviour is an awfully hard thing to achieve.

How hard should it be to lose weight or to stop smoking? Both should have simple solutions: eat less food and stop putting cigarettes in your mouth. How hard should it be to stop drinking alcohol? Do not buy it or accept it from anyone else and you can’t drink it. But it is extremely hard to do these things and to curb many other unhealthy habits!

While it is very hard to change behaviour with just sheer willpower, it can be changed quickly with a change in perspective.

For example, you might find it impossible to lose weight under normal circumstances. But let’s say your child needed a kidney transplant to live, and you were the only possible donor. But the doctor will not do the operation until you lose 3 stones. Do you think you could do it?

Not only could you do it, but you would easily do it. A simple change in perspective is what makes all the difference.

You do not need to force yourself to make inner changes. You can choose to change your beliefs and perspective to something more useful.

Imagine what you could accomplish by making a few inner changes!

Consider these suggestions:


1. Outer changes in your life stem from changes in your behaviour. Changes in behaviour are most often the result of inner changes. When your thoughts and beliefs change, your behaviour is also changed. For example:

  • Let’s say you decide that it’s important to help others. Maybe you start volunteering. While you’re volunteering, you meet new people and learn new things. You make new friends and maybe date someone you never would have met otherwise. You might even get a new job.
  • All of this began with deciding to make helping others a priority in your life.


2. Think about your current beliefs. Are your current beliefs holding you back? Are you completely certain that everything you believe is true? Are you enthusiastically pursuing your goals every day? Everyone has some limiting beliefs. What are yours?

  • Your beliefs are like your software. If your software is faulty, you are not operating at peak efficiency.
  • Think about each belief you have and whether if it is serving you or holding you back.
  • Check out your behaviour for clues about your inner world. What must you believe to be behaving in the way that you do?


3. Make Inner changes to change your habits. When you change your thoughts and beliefs, your habits change. Then, when the things you do every day are changed, the results you experience changes too.


A woman walking down a path with a yellow bag.4. Imagine the life you want to live. When all you think about is your current life, you get more of the same. Spend some time every day imagining yourself in your new life. When this new imagined life begins to feel normal for you, you will naturally begin making outer changes in your life also.

  • The first step is making the big decision about the type of life you would really like. Most people do not make definitive decisions. Vagueness does not work. You need to be specific.


5. Monitor your thinking. Negative thoughts bring poor results. If you spend most of your time overthinking and worrying, how can you have a positive life experience?

  • Every time you catch yourself having a negative thought, change it into something positive.


If you want to experience outer changes in your life, start by making inner changes.

Inner changes can be incredibly challenging, but they are completely under your control. As your inner world changes, your behaviour will change. As your behaviour changes, your outer world will change, too. Try it! You will definitely enjoy the results.

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