A man standing on a rock with his thumbs up.It is easy to give up the ghost when things don’t go your way. Like me, I know that you have been in situations where a difficult challenge has deflated your motivation and made it hard to keep going. Life is full of these challenges, and never more so than now. But, it’s really important that you keep trying. Every day you try is another day of progress and another day closer to success.

When you know that you are going to succeed, giving up is no longer an option!

Instead of giving up the ghost, make steady progress and succeed, by following these tips to rediscover your motivation, persevere and achieve your goals:

  1. Why didn’t you succeed? This is the most important step in making sure you do not give up easily. Sometimes it is hard to deal with failure, so much so that we feel ourselves descending into despair. But, by thinking about what prevented your success, you may be surprised at how simple the solution is. What went wrong?
    • Did you miss one or more important steps along the way?
    • What external influences affect your ability to focus?
    • Did you prepare yourself enough for the challenge?
    • Is it something you genuinely wanted to do?


  1. Give yourself earned rewards. Perhaps you didn’t achieve all the success you were hoping for. That does not mean you didn’t give it your 100% best. And all your hard work should never go unrewarded! Reward yourself for what did go right and treat yourself to a “pick-me-up” especially when you’ve fallen down:
    • Treat yourself to a favourite meal you’ve not had in a while.
    • Indulge in self-love, with a massage or other holistic treatment.
    • Perform a home cleansing. A properly cleansed home is full of positive energy and will help you feel revitalized and ready to get going again. For best results, do this as regularly as you can, at least weekly. I like to use sage but go for what feels right.


  1. Do the things that you do well. Not succeeding may prevent you from ever trying something again. You can build your inner strength and confidence by doing things that you know you’re good at.
    • Challenge someone to any game you’re good at and give it your best. This will also remind you that how you play your best game is what’s most important and not winning every game you play. Although you will try your very hardest, won’t you?
    • Work at balancing your finances. It may be a thought, but you will feel great once it’s done.
    • Do anything and everything that you know you’re good at to help build and rebuild your confidence.


  1. Set smaller, more achievable goals. Just because you did not win the last time doesn’t mean you can’t win at all. Break up those bigger goals into smaller, more achievable ones. Maybe you were just a bit overwhelmed by the goal and lost focus. By breaking it up into smaller goals, you will achieve that big goal, one smaller goal at a time.


No one ever said that perseverance was easy. In fact, it is very difficult to look past your mistakes and failures, then try again. But, being able to persevere and push through until you win shows true strength and courage.

So, don’t give up too easily. You cannot win every game, but you know that you definitely have what it takes to succeed.

Once you build your confidence, drive and will power, you really will see just how easily you can improve your ability to persevere, until you begin to achieve all the things you set out to. Everything is possible when you believe in yourself and allow that belief to drive you forward!

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