An open notebook with the words i intend to.Intention Setting can be thought of as:

  • Making a statement involving a personally held guiding principle, authentic desire or spiritual ideal.
  • A statement expressing purpose, intent and attitude, from a place of personal alignment, feeling and wholeness.

Intention setting involves: 

  • Looking internally. Intention setting comes from the heart and is based on your internal feelings and desires.
  • Thinking about what matters most to you. Finding out what you truly want.
  • Letting go of any attachment to a specific outcome and instead, staying in alignment with your values.
  • Dealing with any fears or negative thinking that gets in the way of those values.
  • Coming from a place of gratitude, for where you are now and where you know you are going.

When Intention setting, you can:

  • Connect your intention closely to your core values and thoughts. Your intention should come from your personal perspective.
  • Use simple words and phrases that you want to align yourself with. e.g. Give and receive love, bravely step forward, peace and love.
  • Make positive intentions, avoiding any negative words such as can’t, won’t. Use ‘start’ not ‘stop’, ‘will’ not ‘won’t’ etc.
  • Base your life goals on the intentions you set, allowing their unfoldment without any attachment or feeling any stress attached to them.
  • Use S.M.A.R.T. Goals as a process, while staying in alignment with your highest intentions.

Your intentions are the desires behind your goals. This energetic intention sent out to the universe combined with your actions on your goals is what powers their ultimate manifestation.

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