A woman pointing her finger at a dark table.Here’s the thing, you’re just not going to like everyone you meet. Sometimes, the feeling will be mutual. Sometimes, you meet someone who just gets up your back. You instantly dislike each other and can barely avoid showing it.

Other times it is not quite so obvious. You might be doing your best to build a workable relationship, but they are just not having it. Or the previous history between you is getting in the way.

Whatever the reason, there comes a time to let go of those negative feelings. Holding onto animosity, even just not wanting to be around someone at work, will only hurt you in the end. For all you know, you may be missing out on an opportunity by pushing away those you do not like.

Accepting those you dislike:

  • Reduces the stress that you both feel, by the ever-present negative tension between you.
  • Cuts down the anxiety you feel about what they will say or do.
  • Releases any destructive thought patterns you have about them.
  • Empowers your relationship, removing the need to worry about how someone will or won’t behave around you.

How to accept those you dislike:

Do not surrender to Fears and Triggers

  • When we do not like someone, it is often because they are somehow triggering us. Look deeper into how you feel, and the emotions being raised. Fears have a habit of looking like something else, such as dislike. Addressing your emotional triggers will help you to release a lot of your negative feelings toward whoever you dislike.

Deal with any Anger you Feel

  • Just like fear, anger can be particularly good at keeping up the appearance of dislike. This is what happens when you let things fester over something you have been holding on to. Be forgiving. Put the past behind you and be accepting of them as they are, in the moment.

Good is there, so Find It

  • If you are caught up in all the things you do not like, you might miss the positives within the relationship. Discover all the things that you have learned from this person. Hard lessons especially, guide us into new ways of thinking, teaching us how to live a better life.

We do ourselves no favours when we hang onto negative feelings for someone. Remember that when you have negative feelings about someone, those are your feelings. Even if it seems mutual, your feelings are still yours alone. If we allow ourselves to grow and change with our experiences, our relationships with those we dislike can improve. Even if you are never going to be friends, accepting the person as just the way they are, will bring more peace into your life.

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