Tarot Card Reading by E-Mail MP3 Digital The Celtic Cross 10 Card Reading


The perfect way to get a tarot reading that fits in with your busy schedule. Get a tarot reading in MP3 format and listen to it any time, as often as you like.


MP3 Digital Tarot Reading by E-Mail – The Celtic Cross. (10 Cards)

This full and in-depth tarot card reading will have a detailed look at the energy around a situation or question(s). While ideal for answering a specific question, these readings can also be very useful for those looking for a general reading.

The perfect way to get a tarot reading that fits in with your busy schedule. Get a tarot reading in MP3 format and listen to it any time, as often as you like. Your tarot reading will be recorded in MP3 format and delivered to you by e-mail. I will also include an image of the final tarot spread, so you can view the cards yourself as you listen to your personal tarot reading.

The Celtic Cross spread I use is close to the original version given by A.E.Waite in his book “The Pictorial Key to the Tarot.” The Ancient Celtic method, commonly known today as the Celtic Cross, is thought to date back to well before its first publication in the early 20th century, by Arthur Edward Waite. Many interpretations of the Celtic Cross spread have been published, in many books and on many websites since. All are based on the spread originally published by A.E.Waite.

Below are the cards I will draw for your reading.

Cards drawn for a Celtic Cross Reading by John’s Oracle:
1. Significator if used / The influences on you up to this point.
2. This looks at possible obstacles and their influence.
3. The best possible outcome or that which is desired.
4. Foundation of the situation, which has already passed.
5. The most recent past or just passing.
6. This comes into action now or the near future.
7. This represents you or the subject of your question.
8. Your current environment and their influences.
9. Your hopes and fears relating to the question.
10. What may come. The possible outcomes based on all the previous cards.

A message from John:
“Hi I’m John, and I am a positive, straightforward and patient reader, I have been working professionally since 2005.

My clients often ask about their current path, as they sometimes feel like they’re not sure as to their direction in life. I also get a lot of career questions, in particular when they’re not sure about “that job offer” or whether they should stay where they are or look elsewhere. I combine my prior management experience with my intuitive feelings as I offer guidance to the client.

My favourite tool hands down are my cards, in particular, the classic Rider-Waite deck, although I’m competent with several others. I believe my insight comes from my “higher self” through the cards. Every time I do a reading, the cards have a unique meaning intended just for that reading and that client and in that moment. I have an interest in symbology and find my eyes naturally find that little bit of the picture I need to get the message in each card. I allow my higher self to take charge, as I find myself moving cards around the table. The messages come from how my attention is drawn to symbols, interpretations and meanings, and from the feelings and thoughts that arrive as I scan the spread before me.

I believe it is up to everyone to decide for themselves who they are. We all feel our way through life as best we can, learning and growing as we go. But we live in a world where we get constantly bombarded with perspectives, teachings and points of view. What to believe? Who to listen to? And all that time your answers lie within, not without. I try to encourage people to find that answer within.”

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