Why do some of us seem to be more intuitive than others? Maybe you don’t believe that you have any intuitive skills. But your mind is always giving you feedback – on every situation you come across. Either you aren’t receiving the message, or you aren’t properly interpreting the signs. When you’re not sure how to proceed in a situation, your intuition will offer valuable feedback, if you are willing to listen.

It’s a mistake to rely only on rational thinking when you have other tools that can also be used to help. Why not give your intuition a chance?

Cultivate and put your intuition to good use with these 7 tips:

A woman looking at her reflection in a mirror.1. Make it a practice to consult and listen to your intuition. You probably do this already, just not well enough to get the most from it. We’re sometimes faced with a range of different and even conflicting possible answers. Give your intuition a chance to have its say. Start with the little things you need to decide day by day, before moving on to more important decisions. “Should I go out with my friends or stay at home?”

  • Ask yourself these types of questions every time they come up for you and notice the intuitive response you receive.


2. How does your intuition communicate with you? It might come in the form of a verbal response. Sometimes, you may get a feeling in your body that might manifest as a feeling in your stomach, your chest, or perhaps your head. It could also reveal itself as a sense of calmness, of a knowing, or an anxious feeling.

  • You already experience these different feelings. When you find yourself faced with something that brings up fear in you, your intuition is speaking to you. Think of a time when you felt afraid in a situation you thought rationally shouldn’t make you feel like that. You already know how that feels. You also know when something just feels “right.”


3. When a decision is unimportant or doesn’t matter, follow your intuition blindly. Show your intuition that you’re willing to listen to it and it will work more for you. When faced with unimportant day to day things, like whether to have a cup of coffee or tea, just do what your intuition tells you. You might go for a drive and let your intuition choose all the turns. Pay attention to where you end up. Your intuition may be telling you something!

A woman doing yoga on a dock near a lake.4. Meditation improves intuition. Your intuition may be talking to you, even shouting at you, but you might not be getting the message. With everything else that’s going on in your head, you might not even notice that your intuition is trying to tell you something. Meditation can quiet the mind enough to notice what your intuition is saying.

5. Spend time in a new or different environment. Your thoughts and feelings become habits that are partially dependent on the surroundings you spend most of your time in. You tend to think and feel a certain way while at home, or while at work.

  • Give your intuition room for manoeuvre by spending time somewhere out of the ordinary for you. Spending time at the library, in a park, or a cafe might open the lines of intuitive communication.


6. Engage your mind with mundane activities. Have you ever noticed that many of your best ideas come while taking a shower, motorway driving, or mowing the lawn? It’s because your mind is partially occupied. You must pay attention to what you’re doing, but your mind isn’t so occupied that it can’t wander a bit.

7. Keep track of how your intuition works for you. In general, is your intuition giving you helpful and accurate feedback? Notice different situations where you get either positive or negative results. You’ll be able to trust your intuition in more areas of your life over time.

It is important to understand that due to your personal filter mechanisms, through which you see the world, your intuition will often be flawed. It will be flawed because of your own fears and misconceptions and because of your ever-protective ego getting in the way. For example, you may not get a good vibe about spending time with someone new, if you tend to feel social anxiety in these types of situations.

But you do have two massive advantages when it comes to improving your intuition. You have your lifetimes worth of knowledge and life experience to draw on. And you have all the wisdom gained from this knowledge and experience locked inside. Your intuition uses all that information to help guide you – if you will listen to it.

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