A man in a suit with a red circle on his head.Your beliefs about yourself and your life have more power over you than you can possibly imagine. The ideas and values you have held for a long time can block your way toward the life you truly desire. Here are some tips to help identify your unhelpful beliefs and replace them with positive ones.

Examine some common beliefs that may be limiting you in your efforts to live your best life:

  1. “I may as well give up on my dreams because I’ll never achieve them.” A couple of unhelpful things happen when you think like this. First, you may feel like you don’t deserve the dreams you have and because of this, are sabotaging yourself. Second, you’re likely not doing anything to move closer to living your best life.
  • One way to change this belief is to ponder how you might follow your dreams. Make a list of the steps needed to achieve the life you want. Look at them as a flight of steps. Then, begin “climbing” those steps toward your future, one by one.
  • Your new belief might sound something like, “I’m following my dreams starting today and will celebrate each step I achieve along the way.”


  1. “I don’t have any right to ask for the life I want because I’m scared of rejection.” This belief suggests that you feel less important than others. You see your wants and needs as not relevant to others. Living with this belief means you probably keep your own feelings hidden and just go along to get along with other people. You’re not one to rock the boat then, are you?
  • The fact is that your feelings are equally as valuable and important as everyone else’s. Think about changing this belief to, “I am important and the way I feel matters to me. I can and will ask for the things that I want. Others may disagree, and when they do, I can handle that.”
  • When you can state you wants or needs honestly and without anger or confrontation, those close to you will probably listen and respond well.
  • However, if they respond negatively, remind yourself that you have no control over the feelings or behaviour of others.
  • You do have control over your own feelings and actions. Therefore, ask for what you want. Remember that you can listen to others’ responses, but you’re not responsible for how they feel.


  1. “I’m not going to trust anyone again.” This belief may stem from past experiences when someone you trusted hurt you.
  • Maybe, when you were a child, your parents didn’t support you or were hard on you. Or in a previous relationship, you felt betrayed or that your feelings weren’t taken seriously. Whatever happened, now you’re afraid to trust and you’re trying to protect yourself from being hurt again.
  • Change this belief by giving yourself permission to trust. If you decide not to trust again, it means you’re limiting your ability to engage in another loving relationship.
  • Recognize the positive lessons you experienced from the previous relationship. You’ve grown and your ideas about what you want (and don’t want) are now more clear.
  • You can adopt a belief something like, “In order to have a successful relationship, I must invest in it. It may feel scary at first, but I can do it.”


  1. “I don’t make enough money to live a financially secure life.” This belief puts a heavy burden over your efforts towards fulfilment and happiness. When you think this way, you fail to see the things that you can do to improve your future. Your emotional state and mindset is intimately connected to how you feel about your financial life.
  • Open the door to a more secure financial and emotional life by changing your belief to, “I have control over my finances and I can save “X” per week.”
  • When you believe you can live within or below your financial means and still save, you’ll discover you can do so and enjoy your life.


Conduct a thorough self-examination of your major beliefs and values. What do you think about yourself? Are your thoughts and beliefs preventing you from achieving a healthy relationship, establishing financial security, or living your best life? Begin today and banish your limiting beliefs forever.

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